a space  to heal to take care of you for your well-being

We help you bring to light to your consciousness, all feelings and experiences that hold you back in your current situation and we help you through psychological therapies, psychological counseling, coaching, mindfulness and yoga to reach your desired life. 

About us


DiantaraSense is a word composed of languages ​​derived from Sanskrit and English, whose meaning defines our intention behind the service we offer you. Diantara means “between” (in English “inbetween”). Sense means as much sense as feeling, detecting or intuiting.

Psychology consultation for your health and well-being

Therefore, at DiantaraSense we accompany you and help you feel and detect what you carry inside of you, what is between your inner experience and your external environment, between you and the world around you. We help you to give meaning to your life and to better intuit what is right for you and to fill the space of time and experiences that we call life with what you want.

Your well-being above all things

DiantaraSense encompasses everything we offer to help you overcome everything between you and:


your well-being (eg mindfulness courses, positive psychology)


your mental health (eg psychological therapy, psychoeducation, mindfulness and yoga)


your integral health of body and mind (eg yoga, therapeutic yoga, body psychotherapy, mindfulness)


your freedom from the past (eg trauma therapy)


your personal growth (eg counselling, coaching, psychological therapy)


your love relationship (for example, couples therapy)


your interpersonal relationships (eg family therapy)


your life goals (eg coaching)


Why go to therapy?

The real question would be…why not? When a shoulder or a tooth hurts, we consult with a dentist or a doctor or physiotherapist. Why not go to a psychologist / or when phrases, memories and moments of our life hurt us. To try to be in balance with ourselves, the world and face different life situations in a better way (with more energy, motivation and attitude).

For your well-being

Our Services

Personalized Sessions

Certain traumas deserve to be treated in a personal way, which allows us to work in the way that best suits you.


We provide pre-recorded courses and live courses taught by our high-quality professionals so you can rewatch them whenever you want.


A lot of material available so that you can read, internalize, learn and comment on our work methodology.

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