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How we work

Our methodology

How will we work together?

We work in an integrative and holistic way, combining different branches and psychotherapeutic approaches. Regardless of whether we accompany you in a therapeutic process or in a coaching and personal growth process, we are guided by you and your needs. We have a humanistic approach, that is, we value your thoughts, your emotions and behaviors and also your vital context. Whether as your therapists or as your coaches, at DiantaraSense our intention is to support you on the path to finding solutions.

The DiAntara name already communicates a broad spectrum of our identity and philosophy: in between – entre. Between the body and the mind, between the space we occupy and the space that surrounds us, between our emotions and thoughts and those of others, between the self and the world. DiAntara is concerned with what occurs between people, what is expressed between the lines, and the exploration of what occurs between perception, interpretation, and behavior.

We understand health and well-being as an interaction between the body, mind and spirit, and therefore we take a holistic approach in the treatment, advice and support of our patients and clients. Although in our methodology we emphasize scientifically based work, we understand the individuality of each person as a starting point for the treatments, interventions, courses and talks that we give.

The best way to take care of the future is to be attentive in the present moment. (Thich Nhat Hanh). Diantara Sense is born from a mindful approach, from being attentive to the present moment, without judgment and observing from curiosity. For this, Mindfulness and Yoga, as an element of full physical awareness, play an important role in our work.

The Now – is the only moment in which you can act, understand, heal and change both your future life and your interpretation/perception of the past. In our approach we unite positive psychology and cognitive behavioral knowledge to help you find a better path from now on; psychodynamic knowledge to get to the root of the problem and help you transform and free yourself from persistent patterns of the past and insights from the EMDR perspective to be able to free yourself from persistent traumatic experiences and finally heal those open wounds from the past.